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Two Tries for Small-Fries

When I went back to college after my mission, I decided to fill my Phys. Ed. requirements with a volleyball class. I had played the same game most Americans have played that we generously call volleyball, where the only thing more lacking than knowledge of the game is talent to play it. I remember my first volleyball experience being at a family reunion where the only consistent rule was “two tries for small fries,” meaning if a young player missed a serve, he got a second chance. I liked this rule, being a small fry at the time. In my teens I played in some more competitive, competent games, but never seriously. So I decided to take a beginner volleyball class. (more…)

Great Balls of Fire

Ninth grade is not the easiest time in the average boy’s life. I say this just in case there is any above-average boy out there for whom ninth grade was spectacular. Suddenly, everything goes on your permanent record and your transcript, your voice is cracking, your skin is erupting, your body’s doing whatever it wants and never in the right proportion. I literally remember at 13 years old saying to myself, “this life thing is getting hard, but it’s got to get easier”—sucker! (more…)