Letter to my Utah Senator about the DREAM Bill

This is a letter I sent to my state Senator about the DREAM bill, a bill that will allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Utah’s state colleges and Universities.  PLEASE feel free to copy it and send your own version.  You can find your Senator here and even send an e-mail directly from that page.  Remember to insert your Senator’s name, and put your own name and address at the bottom.

Dear Senator,

Please use your vote to help pass the DREAM bill allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition.  It is the best thing for Utah, no matter your stance on illegal immigration.  In a time when fewer people are going to college because of the cost and difficulty, it is foolish to make it more difficult for a few who have the tenacity to get a degree.

Even if you vehemently oppose illegal immigration, giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition will benefit Utah.  First, if the climate changes and these students are someday allowed to work legally in the U.S., it would be best that they have college degrees so that they can contribute more to the state and not be a drain on it instead.  Second, if they should return to their country of origin, their U.S. college educations will serve them greatly there, making them less likely to return to the U.S.  They may also be able to effect enough change with their college educations that they can help to provide a better life for others in their own country, making illegal immigration to the U.S. less attractive.  Thirdly, from a security perspective, having more educated people among the illegal immigrant community will increase the likelihood that criminal activity will be reported and countered.

The numbers of college attendees and graduates continue to decrease as costs continue to rise.  The kind of person who is willing to confront these facts and overcome them is the kind of person we want as part of our state.

Please vote for the DREAM act to strengthen Utah.

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