Letter to Gov. Huntsman re: HB 357

This is a letter I recently sent to Governor Huntsman of Utah. I feel it’s important. I encourage all to copy the text, make what changes you see fit, then send it to him at http://governor.utah.gov/goca/form_comment.html.

Dear Governor Huntsman,

Please veto House Bill 357. Considering the number of accidental shooting injuries and deaths in Utah recently, especially among children, it is irresponsible to increase the danger to children and adults alike. I know that proponents of the bill say that handguns are necessary for self-defense.

But when considering handgun bills, legislators and governors should consider several things. First, how often do handgun carriers successfully defend themselves with their handguns? Then contrast that with 1) how many accidental shootings there are with handguns (this bill increases the probability because they are loaded and more accessible); and 2) how often handguns are stolen from legal owners (this is where criminals get handguns—not from gun shows—and the bill makes it easier because now handguns are in glove-boxes). Reason dictates that, if we must have handguns in our midst, they should be treated in as safe a way as possible.

Bill 357 is a bad bill with no real usefulness to the public. Please veto it.


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