Some questions for Sen. McCain

Sen. McCain,

1. Why was it necessary to suspend your campaign; can you not do two difficult things at once? The presidency is a tough job that will require you to juggle many important and urgent things at any given time; should we assume from your suspending your campaign that you cannot do this? We all understand prioritizing, but we feel that hearing your thoughts on foreign policy is a very high priority.

2. The debate you wanted to cancel was on foreign policy. As I understand the Constitution, the principal function of the Presidency is foreign policy. Why would you abandon a debate that would inform the American public about your understanding and intentions toward the principal function of the Presidency in order to insert yourself (ineffectively) into a domestic issue? I realize you are a Senator and you should be part of the discussion, but . . . refer to question #1.

3. As I understand it, Congressional leaders from both parties, along with the White House, were nearing agreement on a plan, but your Republican colleagues could not reconcile themselves to a final version. If you, as the heir to the leadership of your party, cannot corral the congressional leadership of your own party, what does this mean for your influence as President? Will you have influence within your party? Will you have influence among the Democrats?

4. If the bailout is implemented and the mess that the investment class created is mopped up with the sweat of the taxpayer, are you going to change your stance on retaining the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? The investment class caused the problem. Even if you think a bailout would be “a rising tide that lifts all ships” and benefits the entire country, shouldn’t those who caused the problem shoulder more of the responsibility? As the citizens of this country pay future taxes to pay off the debt incurred due to the greed and disregard of the investment class, shouldn’t you repeal the Bush tax cuts for them and make them accountable for their decisions?

More will be added as they surface.


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