The Aristocracy of the “Democratic” Party

More of the same from the Washington set was made clear to me last night when I found out what “superdelegates” are.

A “superdelegate” is a person from the party-establishment who is awarded the same voting influence as 3,982 caucus-goers in Iowa, 9,567 primary voters in New Hampshire, or 3,242 caucus-goers in Nevada. So who are these super-smart people who deserve such influence in the direction America takes? “Superdelegates to the Democratic Convention include all Democratic members of the United States Congress, Democratic governors, various additional elected officials, as well as members of the Democratic National Committee.”

How Jeffersonian of them! It’s great to see the faith the DNC has in its voters. You may ask, “Does it make a difference?” Hillary Clinton leads the total delegate count with 53.9% of the delegates, while Barack Obama has 34.7%. She appears to be way ahead. However, if you look at the delegates assigned by the votes WE, THE PEOPLE, have cast in primaries and caucuses, Obama leads Clinton 41.3% to 39.1%. I guess they figure they know what’s best for us, as if we don’t get enough of that from the Republicans.

“Liberal” my eye! I’m writing to the DNC to express my disapproval of this, and I suggest anyone who cares do the same.


Mike W. says:

Welcome to the world of party politics. Dave, the people aren’t sovereign–the parties are. We see this over and over as the Democratic party is sitting idly by while the Clintons trash Obama and no one in the party hierarchy cares because they see her as more electable. Primary elections are so contrived and controlled because limited access. Republicans are actually worse because of the incredibly exclusive nature of conservative thinking.

Just another example of the solution not being in the government, but in the institutions of society (families, churches, communities, schools).

Centrist says:

The DNC is high if they think Clinton is more electable. Nothing fires up the Republicans like the thought of Billary returning to the White House. I think Obama has enough cross-over appeal to leave a lot of the Republicans sittng in their armchairs on election day with an uninspiring McRomney as their candidate.

Mike W. says:

We think that way because we believe in the cause of hope. The hardcore Democrats don’t. The aristocracy want to preserve the status quo and the current power structure. For example, they hate it that Obama refuses to bow to the Democratic establishment within the black community. And the long-term party faithful will follow Clinton to the end of the earth. I agree they are are distorted in their in their view of the moderate middle. I think that Obama has a much bigger draw to the middle than Clinton does. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

You also may want to check out the following website:

Mike W. says:

Also, regardless of the party, things are run by the aristocracy with lip service to the rank and file. It’s these ranks and files that Obama appeals to, if only they’ll listen. I’m just afraid that most of the Democractic voters will follow what the party aristocrats say and ignore the groundswell of support accruing behind Barak Obama. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Centrist says:

And the winner is . . . the Democratic Oligarchy! Thanks to the establishment’s “SuperDelegate” status, Barack Obama, who has “won” 778 state delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 763 state delegates, is still behind in the total delegate count because the establishment SuperDelegates have sided with Clinton 211 votes to Obama’s 128, giving Clinton an apparent lead of 68 delegates.

Let the people speak!

Centrist says:

I just found an interesting site that breaks down the Superdelegates ( It shows that Clinto has 51.4% of committed delegates from the House while Obama has 53.8% of Senators and 53.4% of governors. The big difference is in the Democratic National Committee where Clinto holds 60.8% (and a big numerical advantage) of the delegates already committed and 73.3% among “distinguished party leaders.”

But the threat of the Superdelegates stealing the nomination from the people is not as big as I thought. There are stil 287 delegates who are uncommitted. And what are they waiting for? They’re waiting for a sure thing. As soon as Clinto bows out (March 5-6) they will all commit to Obama. So you can all stop worrying!

Centrist says:

I don’t know why i keep typing “Clinto.” My fingers just leave off the last “n”. It’s nothing intentional–weird.

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