Original Christmas Poem

I wrote this trying for a song. I don’t think it’s song material, but I think it’s OK. If you want to share it, please point them to the site, don’t copy the text (it’s called a poor man’s copyright).

Because He Came

Before He came He let us know his purpose.
Before He came the prophets knew His name.
Before He came the world, shut out of heaven,
Required a Savior to make it clean again.

But when He came his advent was unnoticed
But to a few who knew the prophets’ voice,
Or saw the singing Heavenly Hosts descending
Bringing to all glad tidings of great joy.

And when he came, wise men sought and found him.
But most looked for a king, and not a boy.
They waited for a mighty revolution,
Not a redeemer to restore their promised joy.

While he was here, his countrymen despised Him.
A few believed, but fewer still obeyed.
He healed their sick and made His gospel clearer.
He taught them peace; reviling He forbade.

When His time came, He took our sins upon Him
To put us once again at one with God.
He bled and died so we could be forgiven,
And would not have to bow beneath the rod.

Because He came our lives now have a reason,
Because He came and finished Father’s plan.
Because He came, with His stripes we are healed.
His mercy flows from nail-printed hands.

Oh yes, He came, and this gives us the reason
To celebrate his birth at Christmastime.
Because He came we can return to Father,
Because He came, dear Brother, Child sublime.

by David L. Wilson
© 2007


Mike W. says:

Inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gift. Someday you’ll have to teach me to appreciate poetry more.

Emily says:

Amazing Dave! You have the most amazing talent and gift. Is it ok for me to ready it to my family for Christmas?

Emily says:

You have an amazing gift Dave. Would you mind if I shared this with my family for Christmas this year?

Emily says:

Wow Dave, You have an amazing talent. That was wonderful. Would you mind if I shared it with my family for Christmas?

Centrist says:

Wow, Emily, you must have REALLY liked it. The answers are yes, yes, and yes. 😉

Reluctant says:

The multiple responses from Emily were actually my fault. There is an error in your blog install. I need to get you moved over to the new server.

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