Christmas Gift Idea

“The gift that keeps on giving” has become a cliché and even a joke in recent years. Well here’s a chance to make it a powerful reality.

www.kiva,org is a site on which you can make a small business loan for as little as $25 to needy entrepreneurs around the world. You get to select the borrower from an online profile, making it a personal, more meaningful contribution. The money is administered by NGOs and the repayment rate is phenomenal (especially among women). I had heard about a similar program set up by a Nobel Prize winner in India or Bangladesh, but the opportunity for individuals to participate from far away is pretty new.

Once your loan is paid back, you can take your money back or loan it to a new borrower, thus it keeps on giving.

I heard about this in a radio interview with President Clinton talking about his new book Giving, so I assume he and his people have done the homework/research to make sure it’s a solid, viable organization.

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Mike W. says:


This is an awesome way to make incremental and powerful and sustainable change in the world. I will do it this year for Christmas. What would be fun would be to show children the power of that loan and see if they want to make that Christmas gift.

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