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I have something special to share with all of you—it’s something that has made my life better, and I don’t think it’s right for me to keep it to myself.

It’s listening to National Public Radio (NPR). Heather and I started listening to NPR when we first got married and had no other access to news (and didn’t want to listen to one of the 15 country stations Logan, Utah has). Why should you listen to NPR?
1. They are very circumspect in reporting what in other channels becomes quite salacious. For example, during the Clinton impeachment hearings, we never heard any of the sordid details. During the recent Don Imus brouhaha, the only time he was quoted on NPR was by guests, not by reporters.
2. Although the perception of NPR, as with most of the media, is that it is overly-liberal, according to studies, a large majority of the political guests are Republicans. This may be due to the fact that Republicans have controlled both the executive and legislative branches. I feel that NPR is what used to be “fair and balanced” before the phrase was hijacked.
3. It gives a good view of the world, not just local or national news. In today’s world, we have to understand what those outside our country think in order to understand our country’s position in the world and our international and domestic policies and situation.

I challenge those who don’t listen to it to do so for one week. You’ll never go back.


Mike W. says:

I agree with Dave. Although NPR does have a liberal slant, it reports the news more fairly and acurately than anyone else out there (and without the anger and vitriole of other networks). It is much more balanced than Fox News and willing to ask the hard questions that other media outlets aren’t.

As for good print media that has a slight conservative slant that I believe is very fair and even-handed, check out the Economist. It’s a weekly British political and economic magazine that reports on world-wide events and is critical for keeping up on current affairs, both domestic and foreign. I highly recommend it.

Centrist says:

Another couple of benefits:
– I never knew Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump were in a cat fight.
– I don’t know why Paris Hilton might go to jail.
– I don’t know what Brangelina’s latest African baby’s name is.
– I don’t know who the -ennifer half of the current Bennifer is.


Traveler says:

I have been an avid NPR listener for several years now and will continue to be for years to come. To complete my news fix, I frequent the New York Times website, and http://www.drudgereport.com. Though Drudge is an unabashed right-leaner, his news site provides links to all major (and not so major) news oulets.

NPR has been my primary source of news for the last 10 years. The information is valuable and viable. It is intereseting and varied. The quality of journalism is excellent and the comments and essays aired from listeners are of great human interest. I have gleaned more of value from NPR than very nearly any other media source. Love it.

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