The Audacity of Hope—the REAL Review

Barack Obama has struck a chord with Americans in his latest book, The Audacity of Hope. The first thing he does is admit that politics is a rotten game, although he says that most politicians are not the evil people we think they are.

The second thing he does is lay open the biggest issues of our day—not like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore would do it, with an agenda of polarization—but rather in an attempt at revealing the complexity of the issues and thereby making us realize that there are no easy answers. He explores the pros and cons of both sides, openly states which he prefers and why, and leaves an opening for others to disagree.

The third thing he does is propose solutions, many of which are unpalatable, and many of which are long-term requiring patience and prudence. He’s not holding a kvetching session—he’s looking for real resolutions. And he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers; he says that there are much smarter people out there who can come up with better ideas than what he proposes.

Finally, he never loses faith in the ingenuity, innovativeness, and resourcefulness of the American people and the American system of government.

The problem is that we don’t see the need or calling for our own ingenuity, innovativeness, and resourcefulness; we expect the government to take care of it all. We need to change our mindset; the greatest statesmen in the world cannot save our nation from ourselves—we must accept our citizenship and act on it if we want our nation to continue to prosper.

The book give Obama an approachability and humanity that few politicians enjoy. It gives me faith again in the Amercian system of government, assuming we can find good people to fill the ranks. This book is a must read!


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