Quote from The Audacity of Hope by Barak Obama

From Barak Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope
“The Democratic Party has become the party of reaction. In reaction to a war that is ill-conceived, we appear suspicious of all military action. In reaction to those who proclaim the market can cure all ills, we resist efforts to use market principles to tackle pressing problems. In reaction to religious overreach, we equate tolerance with secularism, and forfeit the moral language that would help infuse our policies with a larger meaning. We lose elections and hope for the courts to foil Republican plans. We lose the courts and wait for a White House scandal.”

I like this guy. He’s not just pointing the finger at Republicans, but at his own party. He acknowledges the fact that every issue has two sides (crazy thought, eh?). He is for turning down the volume and rhetoric to make it more productive and less divisive.

OBAMA ’08!


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