Flag Burning

There has been a lot of talk about an amendment to the Constitution to ban flag-burning. Surely a treasure, the American flag is a symbol to its people (and to many abroad) of freedom, self-determination and rights beyond imagination for some.

However, it is still a symbol, and only a symbol. It is made of fabric that takes on no other physical characteristics when woven into the pattern of our flag. On the other hand, our freedom of speech is not a symbol; it is a building block of what others envy in America.

Will the shining city on the hill shine any less brightly if a thousand of its flags are burned? No. But will it be dulled if its rights and freedoms, even if done ever-so-slightly, are skimmed away? Absolutely. Considering the organism that is America, the flag is a business card while freedom of speech is part of America’s DNA. Without freedom of speech, especially the kind no one agrees with, America ceases to be America.


Reluctant says:

I agree with you, but it’s a tough issue. Many take it very personally, mostly those who have watched friends and fellow soldiers die for our country.

It’s the right to be wrong, to have an opinion that is different from the majority.

Ironically it’s the flag that represents the freedom they are exercising when they burn it. So with a little circular logic, you can say that they are demonstrating against their own ability to demonstrate. 😉

But as a whole, I disagree with a law to ban flag-burning, but whole-heartedly disagree with the practice.

Mike W. says:


I agree. I pledge allegiance to the flag often in class etc. But to have a constitutional ammendment banning the burning or desecration of the flag would cut at the fabric of the freedoms it represents.

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